Using the Course Player Tour

You may be asking, "Why do I need to show my learners how to watch my course?". Well, to most people it is previous obvious and they may not need much help. But for others, there could potentially be a few stumbling blocks:

  • They can't find the Back to Dashboard link, and end up not knowing how to return to their list of courses.

  • The may not understand how to open up the mobile menu on their phone so they can switch lessons easily.

  • They may not know to click the Complete & Continue button so their course progress is tracked

And because we know that confused learners don't continue learning and are less likely to buy another course from you again - we want to ensure that every single learner has a great experience watching your course. That is why we created the customizable 🧭 Tour Guide feature inside of plaYEAH! 🦸‍♂️

WARNING! Do not put the Tour Guide section on the same page that you are using for PowerPops or Power Styles. It needs to be set up on it's own custom page.

How to use the Tour Guide

The 🧭Tour Guide super power, will guide your first time students on how to make their way around your course. It will be shown automatically when the student is seeing it for the first time, and then it will also be accessible via a link that is added automatically to the course player.

Don't forget to use the SmartText feature to make your messages very personalized. You can also inject some fun by adding an image or GIF to your welcome message

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