Default styling for your text sections

Power Style Quick Start Guide - Quick Win #2
In the previous Quick Win, you added some custom fonts
to the course player experience. This allowed you to PowerUp your player with your own branded look and feel. Yeah You!
Now it is time so save you your precious time
- so you do not have to pull your hair out with that WYSIWYG editor. over and over and over again.

First things first - lets talk about Text Lessons WYSIWYG

What you see is what you get?!?! - sure, but what if, what you don't want to see?? You don't want to see IMPACT or Times New Roman - sorry if you are a fan of these ancient relics. But even if you were - the moment you use these inside of the text editor is the moment of doom for you. You are essentially doing what's call "inline styling" - which basically should be "in-jail styling". It locks you into this style and the only way to update it is to jump through a
few flaming hoops
to get it back to "normal".

Instead, just use Paragraph styling

plaYEAH!, meet your new friend. It's that funny looking backwards P in the upper left hand corner. Go ahead and select some text, then choose the backwards P and choose Heading 1.
Think of this as a way to "name" things inside of your text lessons. And now that you have the plaYEAH! Power Style Editor, you can do things like "Everything that has a name of 'Heading' 1, I want to use purple and the Dancing Script font.
Simply pop back into the My plaYEAH Style Editor Site Builder page from the previous step and change the 4 heading styles to use whatever font, color combination you would like to use.
Ok, plaYEAH! - you just completed the Power Style Quick Start section.
You now have some really awesome super powers under your belt

Things you may want to do next