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Power Style Quick Start Guide - Quick Win #2

In the previous Quick Win, you added some custom fonts 🔤 to the course player experience. This allowed you to PowerUp your player with your own branded look and feel. Yeah You! 💣

Now it is time so save you your precious time ⏰ - so you do not have to pull your hair out with that WYSIWYG editor. over and over and over again.

First things first - lets talk about Text Lessons WYSIWYG

What you see is what you get?!?! - sure, but what if, what you don't want to see?? You don't want to see IMPACT or Times New Roman - sorry if you are a fan of these ancient relics. But even if you were - the moment you use these inside of the text editor is the moment of doom for you. You are essentially doing what's call "inline styling" - which basically should be "in-jail styling". It locks you into this style and the only way to update it is to jump through a 🔥 few flaming hoops 🦁 to get it back to "normal".

Instead, just use Paragraph styling

plaYEAH!, meet your new friend. It's that funny looking backwards P in the upper left hand corner. Go ahead and select some text, then choose the backwards P and choose Heading 1.

Think of this as a way to "name" things inside of your text lessons. And now that you have the plaYEAH! Power Style Editor, you can do things like "Everything that has a name of 'Heading' 1, I want to use purple and the Dancing Script font.

Simply pop back into the My plaYEAH Style Editor Site Builder page from the previous step and change the 4 heading styles to use whatever font, color combination you would like to use.

Ok, plaYEAH! - you just completed the Power Style Quick Start section.

You now have some really awesome super powers under your belt 🦸

📋Things you may want to do next

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