Page Background

The page background settings group controls the area behind the sidebar menu and also behind the content area. It does not control the background of the content area. For that you can find that in the Content Background section

  • Type: controls what type of background the style will use

    • Default: Will use the standard player settings

    • Custom Color: Will use a solid color from the Color 1 setting

    • Custom Gradient: Will use a gradient (going from color 2 on top down to color 1 on bottom (like you see on the screenshot on this page)

    • Custom Image: Will use the image you upload as the background

  • Color 1 / Color 2 - Used on Custom color or Custom Gradient as described above.

  • Image: This will "fill" the background size. It is suggested to pick something subtle so the text is viewable on top of it. 1600x900 is a good size.

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