Gamify Your Site Using plaYEAH!

🎮 Gamification is an awesome way to keep your audience interested, engaged in a fun way. Check out some of the ways you can use your new super power 🦸‍♀️ , plaYEAH! to gamify your course experience.

Gamification Tips & Concepts

🕹️ Gamification does not just mean: giving free stuff, prizes, coupons, badging - it is way more than that (and sometimes even easier). Here are some gamification concepts that we just love (and also see working for our "guru" clients - and no, you do not have to be a "guru" to implement these!!

Surprises 😯

Who doesn't love a good ol' suprise - unless it is a glitter bomb your prankster friend gave you to open in your brand new car. We are talking about the "good" surprises - something your members didn't expect, but were over-joyed to get it.

Don't do this

Do this instead

  • Release some new micro content that was not originally shown on your sales page that is now available to them.

  • Send out a hyper personalized video (We like Loom and VideoAsk for these) inviting your "action takers" to a private group coaching call

  • Create a "puzzle" where each "piece" gets released on each "chapter" completion of your course. At the end of the course the puzzle pieces fit together to display a nice "congrats" message.

  • Send something in the mail after a purchase. I mean who get's 'snail mail' these days, so that is a surprise unto itself. A bit more difficult to pull off because you have to get their address and actually mail stuff, but if you can pull it off, then the pay off may be worth it (especially for those high ticket courses - or membership)

Rewards 🎁

This is what people think of first when they think of gamification. And it does work - if the reward is something they actually want. Most people do not want a nice "badge" printout that they can hang on their refrigerator do they? We are not in school any more.

Here are some tips regarding a reward system

  • Think about what rewards your members would really want to get

  • Make it something you can easily produce and does not take a ton of effort for them to achieve (think micro-goal - like "do one thing => get reward")

  • Make sure the reward is easy to use - don't you feel a bit disappointed when you get that gift card to some store that you hate or don't shop at?

  • Don't make your reward system complicated to understand - keep it simple

Status & Recognition 🎖️

Most people like to be recognized for something they accomplished or like to know that they rank higher than someone else (the "food chain" is a "thing" you know). Think about how can you recognize your members for their hard work (or not so hard work even) so they know your are paying attention and that their efforts are work it (you do want them to keep consuming and buying your 💩 don't you?

Some ways you can use status and recognition in your favor:

  • Come up with some fun names for people who have reached certain levels of progress (tie these to course completion). For example, if you have a dog training membership - maybe everyone who completes the "Crate training your puppy" course will be called "PP Pros". And if you have a kid in karate lessons, you already know about the different color "belts" that they get => this is gamification. They are all the same belt but just died with a different color fabric.

  • Every other week - send our a summary email with screenshots of "wins" that come from your community forum / facebook group. It's a great way for you to not only highlight specific members with their faces/names - but also to show them that your 💩 really works!

  • Have a member highlight their story on the next group call instead (and let them do the most of the talking!!). It will make your content more relatable and also possibly reveal to you ways that it as actually used in a different way than you expected.

Now that you know the basics - it's time to 🕹️ add some gamification super powers to your Thinkific course experience.

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