Best Practices

Don't you hate it when you walk into a store 🛍️ and someone immediately walks up to you and asks you if you need any help 😒 . Then they ask you again in another 30 seconds, and then again in another 4 minutes? Ok, maybe that is a bit exaggerated, but if it was really like that wouldn't it be Quite annoying????

That is not what we want to be like with PowerPops 👆.

What we do to be is:

  • Encouraging, but not intrusive your annoying neighbor who can't mind their biz-ness

  • Remindful, but not like a firehose telling you to water your plants

  • Fun, but not offensive or rude like a 1980's stand up comic

  • Celebratory, but not like your drunk uncle at your cousins wedding

  • Nudgy, but not be the pushy push you over the cliff pushy

😉 You get my drift plaYEAH!? 👆

👩‍🏫 Pro tips on using PowerPops as your Sidekick to help your students stay more engaged & successful.

Who do you think will have more success:

  • Someone who is working out at home alone, or someone with a personal trainer

  • Someone who is learning to play the piano in high school, or someone who is learning from a pianist who can't get enough time to play the piano

  • Someone who is working alone on something really hard, or someone who has a best friend that comes along for the ride

  • Someone who is taking your course feeling alone, unamused and unmotivated or someone taking your course and has "Sidekick / Coach" plaYEAH!

We want you to use plaYEAH Power Pops like it would be the best member on your team the best coach, friend, support and guidance your members will have by their side as the go through your course.

Don't overdue it - be intent-full in your goals and expected reactions you want from you members. Start off with some basic PowerPop flows like we walk through in the Quick Start Guide

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