Super Pac-man

Using the "Pacman" method to change the way you think about selling your course

β€‹βš‘ Quick Win => Quick Sale πŸ’°

This is much better way to sell your course instead of using the standard Thinkific free preview feature

  1. Setup a free (or super low cost) micro course or live workshop (using Thinkific Live Lesson features). The goal is to keep it to "one thing" - one quick win for your members (and for you as well because you have to do a πŸ’© ton less in trying to sell and create it). I would personally make it just one lesson.

  2. Setup a Power Pop to be triggered upon 100% completion (also let them know that there is a prize if they mark the lesson complete). Use an Overlay or Side Push pop type that uses a CTA that is the enroll link to the next "quick win".

  3. Create a second hidden mini course and link the CTA for the Pop you just created to enroll enroll them in this hidden course (using a free "next course" is perfect because they will be brought right into the course)

  4. Do the same thing and deliver another quick win in this course that is easy to understand, easy to implement

  5. For the second course, setup another Power Pop that is triggered at 100% - this one has a message that may temp them to join your signature course/membership at a discounted rate. Point out that will only see this message/offer here - once they close it, it's gone.

You can string as many of these as you like - kind of like a game of Pacman. You can have a few freebies in the beginning that leads them to a course or as little as two