Power Style Quick Start Guide

What's up plaYEAH!, Are you ready to, jazz up your course player style and turn it into branded
work of art . Here is what you will do if you decide to start styling
You can preview what your new shiny course player will look like before your students will see your new work of art. Right inside of Site Builder we have added a new section called Power Style Editor. You will do all of your setting up right inside of Thinkific. No additional logins to remember
. No monthly subscriptions
. And no developers or designers required.
You got this plaYEAH!

For those who like to Watch

I personally like to watch first then do, others like to just jump right in an do. So, what you will see in this guide is both options. The video below is the complete Power Style Quick Start Guide (with maybe a few "extras").

For those who like to "Do" or "Read"

If you want to walk through the guide in a step by step way, then head on down below
and start checking things off the Quick Win list (virtually, the checkboxes you see are just visual cues for you to know it is a "to-do") Please do not send any support tickets about "the checkboxes on your docs are not working, I click them and nothing happens.." Karen