Logo & Branding

This settings group controls what branding defaults are used in the preview. It also is good when you want to have fine grain control over padding and background color surrounding the logo

  • Branding Color & Logo image: This is just used for the preview window, set this to match what you have set for the actual course player. It is meant to be an "aid" in seeing how the actual course will look like from the preview window.

  • Logo Area: Change the background color behind the logo, padding around the logo, both or completely hide this section.

  • Logo Padding: Increases the default padding around the logo so it can fit better.

  • Logo BG Color: When used with Logo Area = Custom Color, Custtom Color & Padding - it will over-ride the default color (brand)

  • Branding: this whill show or hide the Thinkific branding at the bottom of the sidebar

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