Sidemenu Top

This is for the area that sits above the chapters and lessons section

  • Course name

    • Default - will keep default settings

    • Custom Color or Font - will use a custom color (always) and font only if the font section is not empty and the font embed has been included in the Custom Fonts settings

  • Course color: used when using Custom Color or Font selection.

  • Font Family Course name - this will change the font being used for the course name section (as long as the Custom Color r Font setting is being used.

  • Progress Bar: Helpful when you are using a "course" for a "non-course" - ex: you have downloads or resources and don't want to confuse people by showing a "progress bar"

    • Custom Color: Will use the progress bar color instead of the default on

    • Hide: Will remove the progress bar area

  • Search

    • Custom Color - will use a custom color for the background. This is useful when switching the page background

    • Hide - will hide the search area

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