Finding & Using Animations

Ok plaYEAH!, you just conquered the basics of your first PowerPop flow. Now let me show you how to use a massive free library of open source animations at your disposal - we are talking by the thousands my friend 😲

Introducing Lottiefiles

In the previous quick wins, you may have noticed a setting we called Lottie JSON url (or maybe you were too excited by the awesome super powers πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ plaYEAH! is going to give you). Lottie is an open source animation file format that’s tiny, high quality, interactive and the perfect solution to use inside your course to jazz things up a bit to make it a lot more interesting and engaging (unless you are in the .02% that think dull boring lifeless grey is exciting) . This is the new industry standard that is available on the web, on your phone and on your toaster 🍞 (if you have a "smart toaster" that is). The top 500 apps on the App store now use Lottie to engage users and enhance conversions.

Lottiefiles is the largest community of designers and developers. Essentially an extensive, curated library of free assets awaits you.

We when across Lottie - we were like:

What we have included in the Favorites Animations page is just a teeny-incy-weeny-tiny sample if what is available that we spent years curating....just kidding it was only a few hours...but a few hours you did not have to waste spend...and still has over 100 animations in it...but.... anywhoo

This massive library contains both free and really really cheap (less than you would pay for a fresh brewed cup ofβ˜•) animations. In fact, they even have a page where you can hire animators (aka "Lottie Experts" - if you really want to go crazy and have a custom animation built for you (or for a client that is willing to pay you to pay some to creating something for them - πŸ€ͺ )

Now, with any "free market" there is always a chance that you will see πŸ’© on there. But because you are a plaYEAH!, we got you covered and will give you some pro tips for navigating Lottiefiles. Here are some awesome ways to find stuff:

πŸ”Ž Keyword search is always a good idea

πŸ”Ž Search by specific color

πŸ”Ž Turn on the "free filter"

πŸ”Ž Consider purchasing a "pack" of similar animations

Are you feeling like:

Using LottieFiles with plaYEAH!

First, you will need to have free account with LottieFiles and be logged into Lottiefiles in order to make things brain dead, two-click copy/paste into plaYEAH. The account is free, as in totally free - no credit card, no spamming, no need to think about free - so if you really want to save a πŸ’© ton of time, have a mountain of animations at your disposal that is going to make you look amazing to your students, then just stop ready this already and go ahead and create a free account already - come on' plYEAH! just do it!

Now that you have the Lottie Animation Url - you are going to head back into the My plaYEAH Pops page inside of Site Builder that we created in the previous step. We are going to replace the animation we used in the confetti blast Pop

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