What is plaYEAH!

Pronounced (play - YEAH) or as we like to pronounce it (game-change-a).

The course player experience is one of the most important experiences that you can have as a course creator. Even if your videos and content is good, your students may still lose interest if their experience is not pleasurable or memorable.

One important aspect of increasing course completion and student satisfaction, is to keep your students engaged, interested and even entertained while watching your content. Many have great intentions when they sign up for your course, but often need some encouraging or nudging or reminding at certain key points of progress.

What is included with plaYEAH!?

plaYEAH! includes two main features:

The 🧭Tour Guide super power, will guide your first time students on how to make their way around your course. It will be shown automatically when the student is seeing it for the first time, and then it will also be accessible via a link that is added automatically to the course player.

The Power Style Editor allows you to alter the styling of the default Thinkific course player. You can colors, use custom fonts and even hide certain aspects of the course player.

  • Reward your members with a "surprise" download or special opportunity to book a 1-on-1 coaching call with you.

How do I use plaYEAH!?

After installation, you will have new Site Builder sections available to you

  • Each editor will create a copy snippet that will be copied and pasted to your Thinkific Site Footer code found in the settings page

  • Once the code snippet is in place, your course player experience will be customized to match what you configured in the editor. And the Power Pops will be triggered based on how you set it up

All information is saved within your Thinkific Site. You will be able to preview your changes inside of Site Builder prior to having your customers seeing updates

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